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Whilst PSHE is routinely taught in schools up to Year 11, Gresham’s is proud to offer an additional curriculum of personal development – our Year 12 Wellbeing Programme.  

The programme comprises a carousel of five strands aimed at promoting personal wellbeing. Pupils work through these five strands over the course of the year. Each strand is led either by an external instructor or by a member of staff with a special interest in the subject.   

Pupils attend three sessions for each strand as follows: 

1. Relationships, Sex and Health 
  • Exploring issues surrounding sexual ethics, gender equality, gender identity and sexual orientation. 
  • A closer look at the most common STI – Chlamydia.  
  • Sexual harassment and sexual violence – identifying and responding. 
2. Give and Be Happy 
  • Exploring happiness. 
  • Maximising happiness in what we do. 
  • Altruism and good habits for happiness. 
3. Motivation and Communication 
  • Goal setting. 
  • Rapport building. 
  • Anchoring 
4. Staying Safe – Intelligent Self-Protection 
  • The Threat – looking at potential dangers on the streets. 
  • Personal Security Planning – Planning ahead, finding reliable information, personal security tips. 
  • Confrontation Management and Mental Resilience – A toolkit of options on how to de-escalate verbal confrontation and manage conflict. Remaining calm and maintaining cognitive function under stress.  
5. Awareness and Focus  
  • Yoga, mindfulness or juggling. Introduction and practice. 
  • Yoga, mindfulness or juggling. Developing skills. 
  • Yoga, mindfulness or juggling. Developing skills. 

The programme is further complimented by regular talks by visiting experts and speakers. Recent talks include: 

  • Emma Cole from “Positive Voice” delivering a highly engaging talk on her experiences of living with HIV. 
  • Norfolk Roads and Armed Policing Team delivering their Young Driver Education lecture “Fatal 4” 
  • Amy Forbes-Robertson from “It Happens Education” speaking to students about “Moving on” – preparing them for new experiences and relationships beyond school, helping them stay safe and maintain good sexual health.  

For more information or if you have ideas you would like to contribute to the programme, please contact Mary Myers at [email protected].