Within the Christian tradition, Gresham’s School has a full-time Chaplain, and the Chapel acts as a main focus for the School campus and its staff and pupils.

Spiritual awareness is encouraged as part of a pupil’s development and the Chaplain is actively involved in the pastoral care of all pupils.

There are services throughout the week where the School comes together and where announcements are made. The Chapel is left open throughout the day for anyone who needs space to be quiet and pray. While the main act of School worship is on a Saturday morning, parents, family and friends are warmly welcomed to join the Sunday act of worship as detailed in the calendar.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is available to all pupils and staff at Gresham’s, irrespective of age or year, and preparation classes take place during the Lent Term. The Chaplain leads the preparation classes.

Although the School is a Christian foundation and although we expect all pupils to attend assembly and Chapel, no force at all is exercised to evangelise those of a non-Christian faith.

“Pupils value the role that praise plays in school life and were appreciative of the awards presented in chapel. They are clearly supportive of their peers and recognise that a sense of pride creates a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.”