If children are happy and feel supported they will thrive, and we place great emphasis on supporting and knowing each pupil at the School to ensure they settle quickly and take advantage of all the opportunities on offer.

Every pupil in the School has a tutor who is attached to their boarding house. They meet formally with their tutor twice a week but as all our tutors are teachers, and do duties in the house, they will naturally see each other far more.  This regular contact helps tutees build a firm bond with their tutor, which is vital in achieving our aim that pupils feel supported. The School operates a vertical tutoring system whereby each tutor group is made up of one or two pupils from each year group in the same house, ranging from Years 9 to 13. The tutor is therefore consistent throughout the pupil’s time at Gresham’s which is vital when it comes to supporting them in their GCSE choices, Sixth form options, UCAS application or navigating their way through other choices post sixth form.

Tutors monitor a tutees academic progress and stay in regular contact with parents to celebrate the good and highlight the additional care which a pupil may need.  Whilst the housemaster/mistress oversees the pastoral care, the tutor is often vital in spotting issues even before the pupil themselves see it.  Tutors are instrumental in every pupil’s career at Gresham’s.