The following fees are for the academic year 2019/20 which are applicable from September 2019.

Please note fees are shown on a termly basis and include school meals where a pupil is in school full-time.

School fees 2019/20

Registration Fee: £170

Applicable to new students only. The non-refundable Registration Fee is paid upon submission of a completed Registration Form.

Deposit: The deposit is payable upon acceptance of a place at the School.

  • No deposit is required for the Nursery years or Reception at the Pre-Prep. Parents of all other year groups must pay a refundable Acceptance Deposit of £1,000.
  • For non UK/EEA citizens, as well as the Acceptance Deposit there is an Additional Deposit equal to one term’s fees required. This is held separately and not used to offset school fees.
  • The deposit is payable upon acceptance of a place at the School. The deposit, or balance of the deposit, is refundable when the child leaves the School. The deposit is non-refundable if, once a place has been accepted, the child does not take up the place at Gresham’s.

Pre-Prep School

Fee breakdown
Year 2 £3700
Year 1 £3450
Reception £3450
Pre-Prep School Nursery (3-4 years)
       Full time per term £3450
       Full time per day £62.00
       Morning £41.00
       After School Club (per day) £10.00
Pre-Prep School Nursery (2-3 years)
      Full week £244.00
      Full day £54.00
      Morning only £32.00
Music £25.00 (per 35 minute lesson)

#Early Years Funding (eligible pupils only)

In Nursery and Reception morning sessions (including lunch) for eligible 3 and 4 year olds are charged to parents and places are reserved for the 3-hour afternoon session of the same day free of charge as this is when the Early Years Funded hours are provided. Eligible pupils are therefore offered up to their maximum 15 hours/week free entitlement in the afternoons.

Supplementary Charges Information for Early Years Funding

Music lessons

Where pupils share music lessons the fee will be split equally between them.  In the Pre-Prep School, if music lessons are shorter than standard (as agreed between the music teacher and parents), the lesson fee will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

Prep School

Fee breakdown
Day (Years 3 and 4) £5040
Day £6210
Boarding* £8700
+Learning Support £39.00 (per lesson)
Music £27.00 (per 35 minute lesson)

* Flexi boarding is available at the Prep School at a charge of £49 per night and £67 per night at the Senior School. Flexi boarding is subject to availability of beds.

Senior School*

Fee breakdown
Day £8380
Boarding £12010
+Learning Support and English as a Second Language £39.00 (per lesson)
Music £29.00 (per 35 minute lesson)

+ Where pupils share lessons the fee will be split equally between them.  Additional learning support arrangements will be considered on an individual basis.

* Pupils joining the Senior School in the Sixth Form have an additional £620 supplement charged to each term’s fees. The higher fee for the Sixth Form entrants reflects the higher cost of post-16 education. For those joining the School at Year 9 the differential costs are averaged out over a five-year period.

Sibling Discounts

Parents with three or more children at Gresham’s (from the same family at the same time) currently attract a sibling reduction if the youngest child is at least full-time in the Pre-Prep Reception class. The basis of this is that 10% of the relevant fee is deducted from the fees of each child when there are three children in the Schools, whilst 25% of the relevant day fee is deducted from the fee of each child when there are four or more pupils qualifying.

Where any child who is entitled to a sibling reduction also becomes entitled to a scholarship or bursary, the scholarship or bursary reduces the sibling allowance for that child.

The Governors of Gresham’s School reserve the right, with reasonable notice, to amend the basis on which sibling reductions are made.

Charge for activities

From time to time across all three Schools, Gresham’s is able to offer a variety of activities that pupils may take part in.  Often there is an additional cost to the School associated with such activities and consequently, these costs will be passed on to parents/guardians.  The School endeavours, wherever possible, to seek permission from parents/guardians for one-off charges of £50 or above.  For one-off costs below £50, the School assumes parental consent unless otherwise informed.


One-to-one sports coaching is charged at £33 per hour.

Home Weekends

Pupils wishing to stay in Boarding Houses over home weekends will be charged at the rate of £79 per night.

Payment method

Fees and charges may be paid by bank transfer.  The instructions for the attention of your bank or building society can be obtained from the Finance Department.

Fees or charges that remain unpaid at the due date will incur a 1.5% per month late payment surcharge.

Those parents wishing to pay fees in advance may take advantage of the School’s “Fees in Advance” Scheme for which further information may be obtained from the Finance Department.

For information about a monthly Direct Debit scheme available. School Fee Plan are a provider of finance for School Fees and they may be able to offer you a service. Please click the banner for further information.

 Notice Period

Parents must give a term’s notice for either their child leaving the school or for a move from boarding to day. Where a term’s notice is not given, a term’s fees are due in lieu of notice. The notice must be in writing and addressed to the Bursar.