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Our 360° OG Virtual Library is now live!

Gresham’s has always taken great pride in its rich history and the accomplishments of our past pupils. Among them, we have an impressive list of individuals who have gone on to become authors, leaving a profound impact on the world of literature. There is really no better way to document all of our past authors and put them all in one place than to create a powerful digital space that is open to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Each enclave of the library represents a genre. You can explore the genres whilst moving through the library. By clicking on each author, you can learn about their life, their inspiration, and the remarkable books they have written. Some of our living authors have created a video which you can play to hear more about their story and connection with Gresham’s.

Using the actual Gresham’s Library for the basis of this virtual experience connects Gresham’s School and the OG authors. It makes it full of memories and nostalgia in a space where it all began for many of them. And for our current pupils and aspiring authors, this virtual library serves as a beacon of inspiration. It not only documents the achievements of our OG authors but also kindles the flames of creativity within each individual.

The Virtual Library is a tool, but it is also a celebration of our school’s literary heritage, connecting generations of writers, readers, and dreamers.

We hope you enjoy browsing. If you have a book published and would like to feature please email us and we will contact you for more information.

The 360°concept was brought to us by Tom Dale (T 2010 – 15), founder of TD360.