A level

The flexibility and breadth of our curriculum ensures we are able to help all pupils reach their goals and choose the qualification best suited to their needs. A level pupils normally specialise in three subjects, though four or more are possible for very able pupils, from a choice of over 20 academic disciplines, undertaking a detailed and thorough approach to learning. A level study allows pupils to pursue a deeper understanding of subjects already familiar from prior study or entirely new for the Sixth Form, while developing important independent study skills which will prove invaluable to their future. You can see information regarding requirements or recommended courses for future university courses here.

Positive reasons for choosing A levels:

  • Specialisation – Pupils can choose areas of strength and interest, and focus on these.
  • Excellence – A level grades are at a high standard and require you to strive for highly developed knowledge and understanding.
  • Less on emphasis on course work – Look closely at the descriptions in this booklet, but many A levels do not require any coursework.
  • Independence – Study periods are essential to A level success and therefore require motivation and for you to learn to focus.

A level subject choices

Sixth Form Choices Guide

Find out more about the Sixth Form curriculum at Gresham’s and information about choosing the best option for you. We offer three choices:

  • A levels
  • BTEC National Diplomas
  • IB Diploma Programme