Clubs & Societies

There are a variety of OG societies and sporting clubs which you are welcome to join.

The name and contact details of the co-ordinators can be found on the links below. If you would like to start up a new club or society please contact the OG Club, we will also be able to help you find OGs with similar interests.

OG Cricket

The OG cricket team is a small but competitive group of cricketers of all ages. Many players compete at county level and the team plays regular matches versus the school, in addition to participating in the prestigious Cricketers’ Cup. Contact: Alan Ponder

OG Golfing Society

The OG Golf Society is always looking for new members, of all abilities (the handicap range of existing members is from 2 to 28 for men and up to 26 for ladies). We enjoy our golf, the Spring, Summer and Autumn meetings days in particular are totally inclusive, as is participation in the Inter Schools Festival, and we actively encourage golfers of all ages, sexes and abilities to join us. So if you are already a member but haven’t been to any of our meetings now is the time to change all that and if you are not a member but would like to join please download the membership form. Contact: Richard Stevens, Hon. Secretary. Click on the link to view the draft 2021 fixture list

OG Hockey (HOGS)

The Hogs are a committed, highly skilled team of hockey players of all ages. They compete in approximately 30 matches between September and April including matches against the school. All matches start at 7.30pm. Fixture lists are available from the organiser. Contact: Bob Hammond

OG Rifle Establishment

OGRE membership is open to any former members of the Gresham’s Rifle Club who want to join this large and very active group of shooters. This group, popular with OGs of all ages and abilities, engages in an eventful full-bore season, participating in a range of NRA events in addition to matches versus the current school rifle team. The Club also have their own residence at Bisley, which new members are entitled to use free of charge. Associate Memberships are available to individuals who no longer actively shoot, but are keen to keep involved with the sport. Contact: Henry Howard

OG Rugby

Contact: Sam Curtis

OG Running

Whether you are somewhere between the couch and 5k or a seasoned marathoner you are all welcome in the OG Running Club. The core annual event for the Club is the Round Norfolk Relay (RNR) race in September which involves 17 runners covering 198 miles around the Norfolk county boundary. Other regular events include the Cambridge Half Marathon and linking in with the informal RAGs (Runners at Gresham’s) parents group at the Prep School. Details of upcoming events can be found on our facebook page. If you are interested in competing in the RNR, connecting with other OG runners or joining us on some mindful coastal trials please contact Howard Olby.

OG Tennis

Contact: Sam Curtis

OG Swimming

Contact: Tania Liberman

OG Masonic Lodge

Old boys and masters are welcome to join this closely-knit fellowship of OGs, who meet regularly throughout the year. The group observes the principles of freemasonry, and concentrate their efforts on charitable giving, in addition to other social and ceremonial functions. If you would like more information about the Lodge click here to read a factsheet or contact Ian Barber