Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out more about individual Houses?

Please visit the Boarding section of the website under Senior School to view information on our boarding provision and the individual houses.

How do I arrange a visit to the School and a Boarding House?

Please contact the Admissions Manager at  or call 01263 714500.

How often can parents visit?

Parents are always welcome at the school and there are lots of opportunities to come and see your child participate in a range of sports fixtures, concerts, plays and other school events. Full details of all the school events taking place each term are available in your school diary.

Your child’s education is a joint endeavour, and close contact is encouraged between you and the School – in particular between you and your son’s/daughter’s Housemaster or Housemistress.

What direct contact will a parent have with their child whilst at school?

With most pupils having their own laptop/ipad and email account and virtually all a mobile phone, pupils use these for keeping in touch with home. Housemasters or Housemistresses will advise of their policy for the use of mobile phones in the Houses.

Who should I contact in the first instance if I have any concerns or queries about my son or daughter?

All pupils are allocated a school tutor who should introduce themselves to you at the start of term and provide you with the relevant contact details. After this you may also contact the Housemaster/Housemistress of the house your child attends.

Do many boarders stay at weekends?

Yes, the majority of boarders stay at the school over the weekend. We are flexible in our approach and pupils may go home on Saturday evening and return Sunday evening or Monday morning if they wish.

What are Home Weekends?

There are three Home Weekends each year where there is no Saturday school. Boarders go home to parents or guardians on Friday night after class, to get a well-earned break. Some can even choose to stay with friends with parental permission. Details of all Home Weekends are published in the school diary or you can view the term dates here.

When do boarders have to return to School after the school holidays?

Boarders must return the night before the start of term.  Please refer to the School calendar for timings as these may vary termly.  A hard copy of the termly calendar is sent to all parents before the start of each term or you can view the term dates here.

Is the school open over the holidays?

The school is closed during the holidays, however the Admissions Office remains open with the school reception being staffed part-time.

Is there an airport/train transfer service?

Yes. It is advised to try and book your flights/trains as far as possible in advance of the term dates to help plan the transfers more economically. Pupils are then asked to advise their Housemaster/Housemistress of the times and dates of their flights/ trains.  The cost of transfers is dependent on the number of pupils sharing and the type of transfer booked.  Arrangements should be discussed with your Housemaster/Housemistress in the first instance.

What kind of induction process is available for overseas pupils?

Pupils who travel from overseas to go to school in England will have additional requirements above those who attend from the UK.  As a result a dedicated Overseas Co-ordinator arranges a formal induction programme for all new overseas pupils to ensure that the practical aspects of starting a new school are organised seamlessly, e.g., creation of a bank account, email account set up, etc.

In addition, the Overseas Co-ordinator, will organise social events to ensure that pupils settle quickly and easily and have the chance to get to know other pupils and staff.

Do I need a laptop?

Each boarding house has access to a number of computers linked to the school’s network giving access to the internet, emails, student intranet and secure storage areas for homework, coursework, research and communication. Pupils are required to bring a portable device for use throughout the working day, either a laptop or a tablet with keyboard.

Should I have a mobile phone?

Many of our pupils have mobile phones and these are permitted in school, however, mobile phones should not be turned on during class or prep time.

Are boarding students required to have a guardian?

The UK Boarding Schools Association states: “For many from abroad, their guardian is their parent’s representative in this country, essential in time of crisis or need for support and advice, and available not only to the pupil but also to the School as a proxy for the parents who cannot be contacted. For others, their guardian is the person with whom they stay during school holidays, when it is not practicable to return to their parental home.

We ask parents of overseas students to appoint such guardians and register them with them with the school as part of the entry process.  A list of agencies offering guardianship can be provided, on request.

Where can I find a full school uniform list?

Each new pupil will be provided with a full school uniform list prior to starting Gresham’s. There is also a complete list on the parent’s portal.

Where do I get my school uniform?

The School Shop sells all of the school uniform and sports clothing for pupils. There is also a second-hand shop. Both are located on site close to Farfield Boarding House. See the parent’s portal for more details or visit the school website uniform page.