Financial assistance with fees

Gresham’s has always strived to ensure that children who would benefit from an education at the school are not excluded for financial reasons

The Prep and Senior Schools offer means-tested bursaries for families of limited means. Financial support is available ranging from 5% to 100% of annual fees.

Bursaries are available to children who win a scholarship whose parents may need additional funding to enable their child to join the school.

Applicants applying for a bursary (in any year group) are subject to the standard assessment criteria that form part of the entrance process. Places are only offered to applicants who meet the admissions criteria.

The deadlines for bursary applications for entry in September 2021 are as follows:

  • Year 7 – Friday 13th November 2020
  • Year 9 – Friday 13th November 2020
  • Year 12 – Friday 16th October 2020

All applications for bursary places are assessed on a means-tested basis and family situations – including the number of school-aged children, the financial circumstances of both parents and of any current partner of one or both parents – will be taken into account, along with social security benefits and other financial details. These will include both capital and current income. Any awards made will be subject to annual means-testing thereafter.

The number of awards which can be made each year is limited.

In exceptional circumstances bursaries may also be available to children who do not win a scholarship but who the school feels will make a significant contribution to Gresham’s life.

More information

For an informal discussion about bursaries, please contact Sue Wilson, Director of Admissions, directly on 01263 714628 or email

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