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Our co-curricular activities provide children with a wealth of opportunities to pursue their interests or try something new. We aim to help children increase their confidence and self-belief while cultivating new abilities which may develop into lifelong skills and interests and which encourage them to take on new challenges. There are a host of opportunities available for children to explore new activities and discover new talents.

Dance and Drama

Dance and Drama are a big part of school life at the Pre-Prep where children get the opportunity to take part in a variety of school plays and performances.

They offer every child a creative outlet for expression. They are practical, fun and energetic subjects opening doors to children’s imaginations and allowing them a chance to use their ideas, create stories and explore other characters and worlds through performance.


From an early age, in addition to encouraging creative thinking and teamwork, musical education provides a fun environment for self-expression while rewarding children for hard work.

We strive to nurture talent in our pupils from an early age, and encourage the development of musical skills and knowledge through our well-structured programme of music education. Every child will experience the creative process of music-making and be encouraged in their aesthetic and emotional responses to music.

Sport and swimming

Sport and Physical Education (PE) has always been a strong focus at Gresham’s where the wide-ranging benefits of team sports are recognised.

All year groups from Nursery to Year 2 are taught in a variety of disciplines by specialist PE staff. We take advantage of several sports venues across the Gresham’s campus to ensure that children get the best experience in all aspects of PE.


A wide range of activities are offered throughout the year.

Pre-Prep children enjoy an unusually rich school day, with a generous allocation of time and specialist staff in the arts and sports. However, the school day is not limited to 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Computer Science

Children from Nursery to Year Two receive weekly specialist computing lessons.

Early Years children use programmable toys such as Bee-Bots to excite them into learning the early stages of coding and programming. Year 1 and 2 children enjoy using the Pre-Prep computer suite, which is equipped with the latest hardware and software. This is the start of ‘digital literacy’, where children are taught to ‘recognise common uses of information technology beyond school’.