Gresham’s Mission Statement

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Gresham’s aims to provide a caring, challenging and enlightened education which celebrates British values in a Christian setting.  We will always strive to achieve the highest standards of attainment informed by an ethos that values the whole person, including their spiritual and emotional well-being.  At Gresham’s every pupil is encouraged to make the very most of their talents – academic, creative and sporting.  We will provide breadth of opportunity and encourage all Greshamians to develop a selflessness which will allow them to contribute and lead as valued members of society.  We want pupils to enjoy their time at Gresham’s, to understand the rewards of service and to develop the resilience and confidence which will allow them the freedom to flourish beyond Gresham’s and into their adult life.


  • To provide a happy, caring, inclusive and vibrant school environment.
  • For our pupils to be enthused with a desire to learn and to have the confidence to enjoy the learning process.
  • For our pupils to develop skills that will allow them to achieve their potential at school and in the work place in years to come.
  • For our pupils to have confidence and self-respect and to appreciate the importance of caring for themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.
  • For our pupils to be responsible, compassionate people who have a sense of duty to their peers, their community and to the wider world.