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new pupil and parent guide

Please download a copy of our guide for new pupils and parents which explains more about life at the school for those joining in 2024/25.

Senior School pupil Guide 2024-25

Welcome day

All children joining in the following Michaelmas term will be invited by their Housemaster or Housemistress to a Welcome Day with their families on the final Saturday in June of the Summer term. The day is designed to provide pupils with an introduction to their boarding or day house. Families have the opportunity to meet staff within the house and other children joining their year groups.


Boarders are welcomed on the Saturday afternoon prior to the beginning of term to pop into the house for an informal chat with their housemaster or housemistress.  It is also a chance to drop off bags and become familiar with the layout of the house.  Parents should arrange this directly with their child’s housemaster or housemistress.


On the Sunday, everyone is welcomed into their houses followed by a special service of entrustment held in the Theatre in the Woods at which pupils will be formally welcomed into their designated houses and into the care of the school. In the afternoon pupils follow an induction programme where they meet key staff and their tutors, amongst other tasks to get them ready for the start of lessons. Pupils are well supported  by House staff and tutors to ensure they settle into the school routine.


All of our current pupils also attend Induction day in the afternoon so that they can be part of welcoming our new pupils.

The International pupils’ coordinator will also be available to talk to any families with specific questions or concerns whether they are new to the school or returning.