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There are no formal assessments; however we will request a school report and educational information from your child’s previous school prior to entry.

We would encourage new pupils to visit prior to starting.

Prep School

For Year 3, entrance is based on a satisfactory taster day at the Prep School. This can be arranged on an individual basis or as part of our main assessment day in January each year. Gresham’s Pre-Prep pupils are invited to several Prep School taster events during Year 2. For entry into Years 4 to 8, the entrance assessments are in Maths and English. Sample papers are not provided, but our tests are similar to widely available age-appropriate standardised assessments. The assessment day for pupils looking to join Years 3 to 5 will be in January 2023. For pupils applying to join Years 6 to 8 at the Prep School, the entrance assessments will take place in November 2022 and the scholarship assessments for Year 7 entry will be at a separate time in January. Applications for places after this date are considered on an individual basis according to availability.

Assessment / Taster dates:

  • Entry assessments for pupils applying for Years 6 to 8 is Saturday 26th November 2022
  • Entry assessments for pupils applying for Years 4 and 5 is Friday 20th January 2023
  • Taster day for pupils applying for Year 3 is Friday 20th January 2023
  • Year 7 Scholarship assessments will take place on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st January 2023

Senior School

For Year 9, entrance assessments are in Maths and English. Please click on the links below to see Maths and English sample papers.

The Year 9 entrance assessments for entry in September 2023 will take place on Wednesday 18th January 2023.

Year 9 Entrance Exam Sample Paper

Year 9 Maths Entrance Exam Sample Paper