Fright Night 2022

November 3rd and 4th saw the return of Fright Night to Gresham’s School! The cast of pupils from Year 12 and 13 took the audience on a hair-raising search for paranormal activity in The Auden Theatre and our school woods. Along the way, the audience heard from a variety of different ghostly characters, each telling their tale of woe. They also came across a variety of other ghosts and ghouls who wanted to make their presence known to the audience at various points in the journey. The piece was supported by Mr Myers and the BTEC Music Production students who created a fantastically sinister soundscape that added to the eerie atmosphere. Terrifying makeup designs were provided by the very talented Tillie C and Beatrice G. A huge thank you to everyone who took part and came along for the ride. Come along next year…. if you dare!