Gresham’s has once again submitted an application for the Green Flag Award

The Green Flag Award is a prestigious international accreditation granted to schools participating in the Eco-Schools program. Administered by Keep Britain Tidy, this award recognises schools that excel in environmental education and sustainable practices. To achieve the Green Flag, schools must follow the Seven Step Framework and complete at least three themes related to environmental awareness, conservation, and community engagement. It’s a symbol of commitment to fostering eco-consciousness among students and promoting positive environmental impact.

Team Eco have been working hard this academic year to meet the requirements. This year they have recycled more, reduced both the school’s electricity cost and plate waste in the CFB. The biodiversity is improving on the school grounds with areas for rewilding, reconstructing the pond to have different depths to support more wildlife and also recycling crisp packets as well as clothes. Macey T and Tara G delivered a brilliant chapel talk to inform the school of achievements. Inez C and Jemima C helped to write the talk.  Team Eco recognise the importance of being positive and that everyone can make a difference to our natural world no matter how big or small. To quote Barabara Milkulski, “Each of us can make a difference, together we can make a change.