Howson’s have been working on their survival skills

Year 9 have been learning how to use tools such as a saw, axe and knives to effectively prepare firewood. This included making pegs, techniques for splitting logs and making kindling.

The following week, they put their new skills to the test, in order to build and light a fire. They discovered that isn’t quite as easy as it looks, but teamwork makes all the difference!

The boys then moved on to shelter building. They made the most of their teamwork skills to build a shelter that could fit the group, and concentrated on the roof.

They then had to contend with windier conditions in which to create a fire the following week, so they found objects to work as a wind break (some found themselves the best option!) Mr Majid then demonstrated how to fillet a mackerel and some of the group took the opportunity to try this themselves and then cook their efforts.