Women’s History Month has been marked with a variety of events

The theme this year has been #Inspire Inclusion and, in tutor groups, pupils came up with ideas to support gender equality in different spheres such as Education, Employment, Healthcare, Workplace equality, Representation in media  and Leadership positions.  

In Houses, pupils watched films with a feminist theme or those which showcased the lives and achievements of women. Favourites included ‘WonderWoman’, which is about the first female superhero, and ‘Barbie’, which followed with a lively discussion about the film’s message. In the library, Mrs Corder and her team of helpers produced a colourful display of books for WHM and they celebrated International Women’s Day (8th March) with purple cakes in the library and a discussion about why we devote a day to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. 

The highlight of the month, however, has been the wonderful interviews conducted between our allies in the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group, Tara G, Milan H, Polina Z, Yuqi L and Margie G and six female members of staff: Mrs Brighton-Watt, Mrs Seldon, Mrs Corder, Miss Pink, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Knightbridge. In the interviews, staff answered questions about their childhood and education, their role models and career paths. All gave the inspiring message that although they had faced some challenges they had not allowed their gender to limit their choices nor hold them back.

Furthermore, Arkell pupils partook in several International Women’s Day games to celebrate. To make our pupils aware of the talented women that work at Gresham’s, female staff were also included in the answers to quiz, bingo and cross word questions. This prompted some brilliant discussion as the pupils learned they do not need to look very far to see that there are inspirational women all around them!

We also marked International Women’s Day by joining in with the FA’s biggest girls football session initiative. Teams from all the Houses played in a Junior and Senior competition over on the Jubilee Fields. It was a great evening of football with plenty of skills and future promise on show! Oakeley triumphed in the Senior Competition and Queens’ in the Junior Competition.