Music from the Movies

Any concert in Theatre in the Woods is special, purely because of its setting, a path leading to a wonderful open-air space with a leafy canopy and peaceful ambience. Add in an audience and a stage of musicians and the area, enhanced by lights, comes alive. It certainly did that on Thursday 25 May when the Music Department staged a ‘Music from the Movies’ Spectacular. A week of intensive rehearsals following weekly ensemble sessions since the beginning of the academic year showcased the passion and hard work of some 70 pupils as Concert Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, Brass Group, Strings Orchestra, Choirs and Soloists and House Band took a large and enthusiastic audience on a journey of music from the Silver Screen. 

The Opening Fanfare could only be one piece – the Theme from 20th Century Fox opened a programme of some 30 pieces of music from films such as Space Odyssey, Star Wars, The Great Escape, Mulan, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Rock, Up!, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, The Body Guard, Top Gun, James Bond… on and on! Gresham’s has long had a high standard of choral singing, but the concert this evening particularly highlighted our instrumental musicians. What a back line of brass, sensitive playing from our strings, melodic sounds from the wind section, a strong percussion section and an Impressive House Band. Thanks must go to the music staff who performed with the pupils and all credit to our pupils to be able to play alongside professionals so effortlessly.

With too many pupils to mention, it was a final opportunity for our talented Year 13s to play with their friends and remind us how much the Music Department will miss their input and ability – some playing several instruments, singing and sorting tech back stage. Thank you  Johnny D, Jake O, Will J, Jethro H, Freddie S, Noah W, Grace H, Bea G, Summer H and Raphael C for the music. The rousing finale of Simple Minds Don’t You forget about Me, with Johnny on lead vocals was an apt way to close an memorable evening. Fortunately for the department there is no lack of talent to fill their big shoes and some spine-tingling performances from younger years across the musical disciplines makes for an exciting future.

For anyone who missed this wonderful evening, the Pop Concert on 23 June will be a chance to see many of our singers and musicians perform once again. Tickets from