Prep School

Cathy Braithwaite, Prep School Head

The greatest gifts that we can give children are strong roots to give them stability and strength and wings to enable them to reach their dreams and ambitions.

At the core of all we do here at Gresham’s Prep is our mission to help children gain the confidence and skills that will enable them to move to the next stage of their education well on the road to becoming happy and fulfilled adults. We want every child to feel relaxed, happy and at home at school. We value the individual above all else and we hope that all pupils will learn to be proud of themselves and their abilities and respectful and tolerant of the individuality and abilities of others.

“…this jolly and caring prep has all the ingredients for a memorable childhood.”

The Good Schools Guide 2022

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“…this jolly and caring prep has all the ingredients for a memorable childhood.”


We are not bound by the Common Entrance Syllabus, or the National Curriculum, so we really can tailor our teaching and learning provision. What this means is that we have the freedom to prepare our pupils for real life experiences in the way we teach. 


The co-curricular programme available at Gresham’s Prep provides an exciting and engaging range of opportunities helping to enrich and stimulate pupils beyond the classroom.


Around one quarter of our pupils board on a full time, weekly or flexible basis and we have two boarding houses; Crossways for girls and Kenwyn for boys.

Pastoral care

We encourage children to be open and honest and to discuss problems and issues with each other and with staff. In addition to dedicated house parents and matrons every child has a tutor with whom they meet regularly. There is a diverse range of children in the school and we want every child whatever their strengths and weaknesses, to feel valued and cared for. This lies at the core of our purpose.

School life

Life at Gresham’s Prep is busy and full of opportunities. Alongside the normal curriculum there are many exciting trips, activity days and other opportunities to enhance children’s lives.

Year 7 Entry

Many children join Gresham’s in Year 7 and enjoy two years at our Prep School before progressing to the next stage of their education at age 13. Children who join Gresham’s in Year 7 do so for a number of reasons. Some pupils join because they have just moved to the area while others join from local Primary Schools and independent Prep Schools (which educate up to and including Year 6). For children coming to Gresham’s from further afield, Year 7 is an ideal point to start boarding.

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