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Athletics is coached as part of the Physical Education programme. Pupils are introduced to events appropriate to their age and ability, and the better athletes are selected for the team squad.

All children are coached and given the opportunity to develop their technique and fitness as part of PE lessons, some games sessions and after-school activities. Sports Day is a major event in the season and all pupils are fully involved in the House Competition.

Our normal competitive opportunities in a season consist of an eight-school meeting hosted by Gresham’s, as well as smaller ‘matches’ against other local schools. The East Area Championships, held at Bedford, qualifies athletes for the National Prep Schools Championships and is a major part of the sporting calendar. For our younger athletes, regional championships based at UEA or Cambridge offer the same experience of competition.

The School has earned considerable success in Athletics, with good numbers going forward to represent the East region in the National Finals. There have been several medalists at these National Finals in recent years and there is every opportunity for talented athletes to reach their potential under the guidance of the school’s Athletics Coaches.