Through Drama, we aim to develop pupils’ confidence and creativity. Our focus is on process and the importance of sharing ideas, communication and experimentation. Through lively, engaging lessons we aim to develop pupils’ ability to express themselves and explore the world of theatre.

The Drama Department aims:

  • To nurture pupils’ self-confidence
  • To foster creativity and freedom of expression
  • To develop skills in empathy and learning more about the world we live in
  • To enable pupils to experiment with different forms of theatre
  • To appreciate theatrical productions and offer critiques
  • To develop and improve performance skills
  • To develop team work skills

In timetabled lessons pupils are exposed to a range of stimuli and encouraged to respond creatively. Group discussion is highly valued to enable pupils to explore issue, listen to other opinions and critique theatrical pieces. Skills in improvisation, mime, comedy script work, prose and poetry speaking are just a few of the areas pupils explore.

In addition to lessons, every pupil has the opportunity to perform in front of an audience each academic year: this may be in a Year Group Production, a Main School Production, in Chapel or on Speech Day Recent productions have included: ‘Oliver’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘King Lear: The Pantomime’ and ‘A Christmas Story.’ We also use the Auden Theatre as a performance space and pupils are given the opportunity to take part in productions in a professional space. Some pupils also choose to further develop their skills with LAMDA lessons with our visiting teacher.

We regularly take the children to see theatre productions and often welcome visiting directors and theatre companies to run productions and workshops at school.