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The School is committed to widening access, ensuring young people of any background or ability to pay fees can have the opportunity to study and thrive at Gresham’s. The extent to which it can achieve its objective is dependent upon increasing philanthropic support for the Gresham’s Foundation Bursary Fund.

The Fishmongers’ Company’s remarkable support plays a vital role in helping us to provide bursarial support each year, but additional philanthropic support is essential in order to build up a substantial bursary fund and enable more bursaries to be awarded. It is the School’s hope that more Old Greshamians and Friends of the School will generously donate to The Foundation’s Bursary Fund, thereby greatly helping to ensure significant bursarial support is made available every year.

If you would like to support bursaries at Gresham’s, please follow this link. Further information on the Foundation’s Bursary Fund can also be found here and within the Gresham’s Foundation and Supporters’ Report.

Please note that Direct Debit donations through CAF will appear on your bank statement as ‘CHARITY DONATION’.

“I can’t begin to express the multitude of opportunities that a Gresham’s bursary has provided. I’ve been able to experience a diverse range of social, cultural and sporting activities that have allowed me to mature and excel during my time at the school.”


“I am particularly grateful to the donors and Old Greshamians who came before me who have helped fund bursaries at the School. I would not have been able to attend Gresham’s without their support.

It is a pleasure to now give back and help provide the same opportunities that I was afforded.”