Music Fund

Music at Gresham’s is held in very high regard. This was reinforced with the building of the Britten Building in 2017, which offers truly remarkable musical facilities for pupils.

Music scholarships and the School’s musical outreach work (which is conducted across Norfolk and further afield) are two areas that greatly benefit from support. By donating to the Music Fund at Gresham’s, you can make a real difference in ensuring more musically gifted pupils who require financial support are able to come to the School and can flourish.

Please follow this link if you would like to support Music at Gresham’s.

In addition to the Music Fund, there remain some practice rooms within the Britten Building that can be named. If you are interested in naming a practice room, the Development Office would be delighted to speak to you about this opportunity. Please do call the office on 01263 714529.

Please note that Direct Debit donations through CAF will appear on your bank statement as ‘CHARITY DONATION’.