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Gresham’s is committed to some significant building work at the Nursery and Pre-Prep site over the next few years, with phase one starting this summer. This will involve transforming what has been the School Bursary Department into classrooms and teaching spaces for the Nursery.

The School is keen to further upgrade and enhance its current facilities, with the outdoor play area very much part of the bigger vision. It would be fantastic for the children to start to benefit from upgrades to the outdoor areas as soon as possible but, in order to do so, this will involve raising a considerable amount of money in the process.

The two proposed stages for the enhancement of the outdoor play facilities – both of which can be seen in the pictures above – are:

Stage 1

Transforming the current car park by the outdoor area into an AstroTurf play area.

Stage 2

Refitting the adventure play area and adding new and exciting play equipment.

The target for each stage is to secure £50,000. As of the beginning of May, the School is delighted to announce that £60,000 of funding has already been committed, which is extremely heartening indeed and means the planning for the first stage has now begun. We hope to have reached the final and very ambitious target over the course of the next academic year, meaning the complete, revamped and greatly improved outdoor play area can be in use from September 2022.

Although it is great deal to ask of people, especially at this time of uncertainty and adjustment because of the pandemic, the School hopes many across the Gresham’s community might be so kind and help support its efforts to further enhance the Nursery and Pre-Prep’s offering over the coming years. All support, no matter the size, will make a real difference and help the School reach its targets.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our online giving site – thank you very much indeed for your support.