The annual Gresham’s Guys and Girls singles have been released

The annual Gresham’s Girls and Guys singles have been produced and released on Strathmore Records once again this year.

An upbeat version of Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants to Rule the World was recorded by the Gresham’s girls, consisting of Ruby S, Tamsin S, Sophia P, Alma D-R, Tilly R, Jemima T, Reva S, Sophie L, Jemima W, Emily M & Olga B, with the music video recorded in a Boarding House with the girls celebrating Christmas, and decorating the tree. 

With a more sincere approach this year, the boys tackled a mature concept taking on ‘Nothing Compares To You’, made famous by the late Sinead O’Connor, with an insert of a boy band Christmas Classic, ‘Stay Another Day’. The boys, Rory R, Jimmy T, Josh K, Milan H, Bruno B, Jude P, Eduvie O, Larkin A, Sergio S, Will B filmed the video, using all of their dramatic energy to convey the meaning of the lyric and to do justice the song and it’s legacy.

The singles are available on the Gresham’s Media YouTube Channel and all other audio platforms,  Please download and share with your friends and family and spread the Gresham’s Girls and Guy’s joy!