The annual Service of Confirmation was a moving occasion

The annual Service of Confirmation was held at the School Chapel on Sunday 19th March. The Service was officiated by the Rt Reverend Graham Usher, the Bishop of Norwich. 

This special and moving occasion involved thirty pupils and family members. Alec A, Alexander B, Amelia M-L, Andre W, Arthur C, Cameron H, Charles C B, Dian S, Gabriella W, Helen S, Henrietta Croot, Isabella C B, Isaac B, John S, James C, Kathryn S, Laura H, Laurie W, Maddie W, Max C, Miriam G, Monty O , Ralph N, Rosie R, Sophia W, Sophie L, Teddy C, William N, William S, Zara U-B all took part. As part of the Confirmation Service the Bishop of Norwich gave each of the candidates a hazel tree to plant to remind them of the vow they have taken to care for creation. 

This annual service is a wonderful Gresham’s tradition which has seen a real revival in recent years. We have seen a large increase in the number of Baptisms and Confirmations taking place in our Chapel with 95 people taking part in these special moments in the last twenty months alone. We believe this is largest number in over 50 years to take place in such a short space of time.