The Auden Society hosted a fantastic evening covering topics related to women in literature

Phoebe W, president of the Auden Society, reports on their latest meeting:

‘The Auden Society were in full force last Wednesday, with Beowulf, Miranda, Kitty, Libby, Summer and Phoebe (Auden President) presenting on a wide range of topics all linking back to women in literature to celebrate International Women’s Day! The evening also saw some Year 11 pupils in attendance too, those looking to get a taste of what further study might involve.  

Beowulf opened the evening with a talk on Anglo-Saxon History and why he’s applying for the ASNC course at Cambridge. Summer and Phoebe spoke about their coursework text – The Little Stranger – and how their chosen texts – Rebecca and Wuthering Heights – explore the female gothic genre. Miranda then presented on Caryl’s Churchill’s Top Girls and its message of individualism vs social responsibility. We also had a great display of performance poetry, with Libby sharing some of her own work. Kitty finished the evening with a talk on The Buddha of Suburbia and the themes of post-colonial literature.  

Thank you so much to Mrs. Sharrock and all our speakers for such a wonderful evening!’