The Lent term ‘Page to Stage’ evening provided a fantastic selection of performances

In February, the Auden Theatre was buzzing with talent and nervous excitement as the second Page to Stage evening of the academic year took place. It was a showcase of the Year 11 GCSE Drama final exam performances with supporting performances from our wonderful Year 9 and 10 scholars. The audience were treated to performances of scenes from well-known classics such as Journey’s End, Alice in Wonderland, Antigone and The Importance of Being Ernest, as well as scenes from contemporary plays such as Fleabag and The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband. The GCSE pupils demonstrated their costume, set design and acting skills learnt during the duration of the GCSE and used this performance as a valuable dress rehearsal for their final performance which took place the following week. There were also amazing performances from some of our Drama scholars from Years 9 and 10 who chose monologues or a song they wanted to share with their audience, such as Ophelia from Hamlet and Burn from Hamilton. This was a fantastic evening of performances with a hugely supportive audience. Thank you to everyone who took part and attended.