Well done to the Gresham’s Rifle Club ‘A’ Team, who won the annual small-bore match against Cambridge

The annual small-bore target rifle match, between Gresham’s Rifle Club and Cambridge University Rifle Club, took place recently. This is normally a very tight contest, often coming down to a matter of just a few points, but this year it was not quite as close as it has been in the past. There was some fantastic scoring by the Gresham’s team, despite the absence of several of the teams’ top shots, with all members of the team doing their upmost to secure the victory. It was two sisters that secured the win for Gresham’s, with Ilana B top scoring out of all 30 competitors in the match, with an impressive 196 out of 200 and Marcella B just behind with a 195 out of 200. The final result in the ‘A’ Team match was Gresham’s Rifle Club 1539 points, Cambridge University Rifle Club 1510 points. The victory to Gresham’s Rifle Club by 29 points!

Since records began, Gresham’s have won the match 12 times and Cambridge 4 times. The ‘B’ Team match was almost just as close but unfortunately with a win to Cambridge University. Gresham’s Rifle Club ‘B’ team, consisting almost entirely of Year 9 and 10 pupils, 1429 points, Cambridge University Rifle Club 1467 points. We thank Cambridge University Small-Bore Rifle Club for a very enjoyable fixture, and we wish them every success in the Varsity Match in a couple of weeks’ time. Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the match.