Senior School Term Dates

Term dates may be subject to change, therefore please always check the website calendar regularly and/or check with the Senior School reception (

Michaelmas term 2021

Staff INSETAll dayThursday, 2nd September
Staff INSETAll dayFriday, 3rd September
New pupils arrive4.00pmSaturday, 4th September
Beginning of term – all pupils1.00pmSunday, 5th September
Home weekend4.30pmFriday, 24th September
9.00pmSunday, 26th September
Field DaysMonday, 4th October
Tuesday, 5th October
House Music Competition3:00pmFriday, 15th October
Half-term8.30pmFriday, 15th October
9.00pmSunday, 31st October
Home weekend4.30pmFriday, 19th November
9.00pmSunday, 21st November
End of term12.00noonFriday, 17th December

Lent term 2022

Staff INSETAll daySaturday, 8th January
Beginning of term - boarders return7.30pmSunday, 9th January
Day pupils return8.00amMonday, 10th January
Home weekend4.30pmFriday, 28th January
9.00pmSunday, 30th January
Half-term4.30pmFriday, 11th February
9.00pmSunday, 20th February
End of term4.30pmFriday, 25th March

Summer term 2022

Staff INSETAll dayTuesday, 19th April
Beginning of term - boarders return7.30pmTuesday, 19th April
Day pupils return8.00amWednesday, 20th April
Half-term4.30pmFriday, 27th May
9.00pmSunday, 5th June
Field DaysMonday, 27th June
Tuesday, 28th June
Speech daySaturday, 2nd July
End of term2.00pmSaturday, 2nd July