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Please click here to view an online list of the School Honour Boards.

The achievements we traditionally record are:

  • 1st class honours degrees
  • University scholarships/major prizes
  • National honours (we do not record Members or Officers of an Order, but we do record Companions, Commanders and above
  • Knighthoods (Knights Bachelor and Knighthoods of an Order)
  • Life Peerages and Heads of State
  • Significant foreign honours
  • Fellowships of the Royal Society (and equivalent)
  • Nobel Prizes
  • Bishoprics and Archidiaconates
  • Olympic medals (but not Blues or participation in national teams)

Please complete our Online Form to inform us of any achievements you believe should be recorded. If you need any further guidance please contact Simon Kinder, Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning).

Inevitably, some achievements will have fallen through the net and we are considering the possibility of a separate Honours Board for them. We are also conscious of the fact that we have not, in the past, recorded military decorations for valour and we may also consider a separate Board for them.