Augusta Samuel from ‘ItHappens Education’ spoke to Year 10 pupils

On 21st June, Augusta Samuel from ‘ItHappens Education’ spoke to our Year 10 pupils via a live webinar on the subject of vaping. Her highly informative, interactive talk explored the following areas:

  • Smoking compared to vaping
  • Prevalence of vaping & smoking with young people
  • The law
  • Short-term consequences & long-term risks of vaping
  • Disposable vapes
  • Why vaping is so addictive
  • Harm Reduction advice & how to get support

Pupils had the opportunity to ask questions and offer their views using Mentimeter on their phones, creating a highly interactive experience and ensuring the content was entirely relevant and pertinent to them.

We all learned some interesting and unexpected facts which hopefully will impact positively on our young people and empower them to make responsible, healthier choices.