Drama pupils have enjoyed a trip to Harry Potter Studios and costume design

Harry Potter Studios Trip

Year 10 and 11 GCSE Drama pupils went on a  fantastic trip to the Harry Potter Studios to take part in a Foley sound workshop and explore the amazing sets, costumes and props from the Harry Potter films. The workshop introduced the pupils to the role of a Foley artist and the types of sounds they created in the films. They then got to have a go at creating their our own Foley sounds to accompany a memorable clip from one of the Harry Potter films in their engaging and inspiring workshop. The tour of the studios was magical and many of the pupils spoke of how the Harry Potter films have been a fond memory of their childhood. Seeing the various set locations in person such as Diagon Alley, getting to ride a broomstick to learn more about how CGI works and finding out more about how the costumes and sets were created made this a wonderfully interesting and informative day. 

Year 9 Costume Designs 

Year 9 Drama pupils made some fantastic costumes in their recent lesson, where they learnt the importance of fit, cut and condition when designing costumes. Each class was given the task of creating a costume using only newspaper. We hope you will agree that they’re fantastic!