Eco Committee help Gresham’s achieve distinction in Green Flag Award

Gresham’s Senior School has once again achieved the Green Flag Award but this time with distinction.  We received wonderful feedback from the charity, who were impressed by the dedication and organisation of our Eco Committee. They said that the planning and evidence for the award was conducted by our students in a mature and professional manner.

The Green Flag Team were impressed by the different measures the school has in place to be more sustainable. We now have more recycling bins in our school and less general waste bins. The site team are installing more LED’s and sensor lights to help reduce our electricity consumption. We have built bird boxes and feeders and are creating more biodiversity. The Queen’s House beehives were also highlighted by the judges as well as the school’s ban on plastic bottles. They were also really impressed at how staff have linked environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas in their lesson plans. It has been wonderful as a whole school to work towards a common goal.

There are still more improvements which can be made, and this year’s Team Eco have already been meeting to discuss ways of promoting more green agendas in our school. We welcome any ideas for our parental body too. If you would like to be involved, please contact [email protected] .