Gresham’s RAF Cadets achieve Gold Awards

In July, Sgt N Protzen went off to ACLC (Air Cadet Leadership Course) which took place at RAF Cranwell, the first time a Gresham’s pupil has attended ACLC for several years. Initially placed in a group with 9 other Cadets from across the UK, Sgt Protzen learnt some of the fundamental skills of leadership and how to manage a team through challenging tasks. As the course progressed Sgt Protzen demonstrated a sound ability to absorb the leadership theory and he developed the confidence to become an effective leader. His course report cited that he “has the natural qualities needed to be a very capable leader back at his unit” and he was awarded a pass with merit in his graduation in front of RAF College Cranwell.

In addition to success at ACLC, Sgts K and E Tallinn attended a Gold Cyber Course at RAF Cosford over the summer. Trained by the RAF’s Cyber Security Flight at No1 Radio school, they covered threats, defence, cyber offensive and more specialist subjects like SCADA systems. With only 16 Cadets on the course, they got access to some high-quality training with the RAF that will help them with their IB studies back in the classroom. Once they finished the course, they even got to have a play with an original Enigma Machine that’s kept at RAF Cosford as a reminder of the importance that cyber has had throughout recent history.

A huge well done to all three Cadets who have achieved these prestigious awards.