Gresham’s School inspires the next generation of musicians with their continued status as an All Steinway School

To celebrate Gresham’s continuing our Steinway Status, and the delivery new pianos, we took advantage of the offer of Steinway that the pianos could be put anywhere. We felt that the perfect place would be the Dyson Building, with the pianos perfectly encapsulating these elements. 17 of the new pianos were placed around the central area, inviting pupils from across the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools to take part in a once in a generation concert.  

On 8th November we welcomed parents and guests to the concert, with a rousing opening of ‘Jupiter’ fro Holts ‘The Planets Suite’ played across 5 pianos, Jimmy T, Matilda F, Ferdinand V, Milan H, Emily M, Mr. Carr, Mr Wolfe and Mr Jones, with the 12 remaining pianos played by 30 pupils playing the Hymn ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’. Hummer W and Hansen W from the Prep school performed a Duet ‘Dancing With The Moon’ with beautiful tone and fluency. ‘Every’ composed by Thomas Carr, Music teacher and Head of Instrumental Studies brought 3 pianos and 3 vocalists, Benny S, Jimmy T, Hattie W, Mia W, Naomi H and Zinnia C brought the imagery of Norfolk skies to the Dyson building. Oscar B performed a Sky Full of Stars and the concert was brought to a close with ‘Time Lapse’ played by all pupils across all pianos.  

The pianos were then swiftly put into their new homes across the three schools to continue to offer opportunities for our pupils and community groups for the next fifteen years.