Jess Roper gave an inspirational talk to Year 13 about her journey into kickboxing

We were delighted to welcome enriching speaker Jess Roper to talk to current Year 13 pupils. This was thanks to Marcus Maddison-White, a former pupil of the school, who had heard Jess speak at Sandhurst College and highly recommended her talk for current pupils.

Jess’s talk was inspirational and gave insight to her beginnings and personal journey that led her to kickboxing and how with her motto of ‘Dream BIG, start small and NEVER GIVE UP’ led to her becoming a 2 x English kickboxing champion and 2nd-degree blackbelt.

It was a superb talk giving such encouragement to the pupil audience on becoming the best they can be with empowered action, increasing aspiration, health, wellbeing and raising resilience.