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Pupils enjoy school exchange programme

Pupils Jess Beeson (E) and John Dugdale (H) have returned to Gresham’s after taking part in a school exchange programme.

Jess spent the Lent Term at Roseville College in Sydney, Australia. Roseville is a highly regarded day school for girls. John spent the term at St. John’s College, Johannesburg, an equally well-respected day and boarding school for boys.

John trod a well-established path to South Africa, the link between the two schools has been strong for several years. Jess’ visit to Roseville, however, was the first made by a Gresham’s pupil. Jess made the best of her time in Australia and enjoyed an amazing, one in a lifetime experience; she made a huge impact.

John and Jess showed great courage in taking part in a challenging but extremely rewarding opportunity which they grabbed with both hands.

Scarlet Brady (Q) and Joshua Anthony (H) have been selected as the next pupils to take part in the scheme.