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UK Cadet Rifle Team Selection Weekend

During the Easter holidays, there was a training/selection weekend (Maple Taste) for the 24 members of the UK Cadet Rifle Team (UKCRT) squad.  Tristan Tancred and Mackenzie Woodcock had both been selected as members of the squad, and were hoping for final selection to the touring team of 12.  The final team will then head off to the Channel Islands on a 10-day tour at the end of August, this year.

The squad gathered at lunchtime on the Thursday and then had an intensive weekend of shooting and classroom work.  They were out on the ranges shooting as individuals, trying to achieve good enough scores that would ensure their selection into the team. Both of the Gresham’s pupils performed very well both on the range and behind the firing point (good administration and record keeping).

Both Tristan (right) and Mac (left) thoroughly deserve their selection in to the final team and they should be very proud of their achievements.  We wish them every success and a wonderful tour during their time in the Channel Islands.