OG George Stiles gave a special presentation to pupils on his career in musical theatre

On 16th April George Stiles (OG) came back to the School to give a special presentation on his career in musical theatre to both Gresham’s pupils and pupils from local schools. In addition to this, George conducted two workshops focussing on audition room performances and the process by which you conceive and develop a score or script for the stage. The pupils learnt a great deal about the industry and how to go about putting on a play, whilst a number of Gresham’s pupils performed both musical numbers and monologues that were critiqued by George. 

George is a prolific composer and producer and has made significant contributions to musical theatre. Collaborating with Anthony Drewe, he crafted successful shows like “Honk!” and “Mary Poppins.” As a producer, his co-production of “Six – the musical” continues to be a global sensation, earning multiple awards and full houses around the world. His work has earned critical acclaim, including an Olivier award and Tony nominations, showcasing his talent for creating memorable melodies and engaging productions.