Prep House Music featured excellent performances from all three houses

The first half of the Michaelmas Term means one thing-House Music! Tensions were running high as Houses chose their Big Song and nominated soloists to represent them on the day. With the theme of ‘Dance’ there was plenty of musical choice. A slight change to the format this year encouraged top musicians from all houses to take part in a massed instrumental ensemble. They started the event enthusiastically, playing an upbeat medley including Stayin’ Alive, Sailor’s Hornpipe and Dance the Night Away. Opportunities for solos and improvisation were readily taken and the energy within the performance was palpable. Our Judge, esteemed drummer Ash Soan, took to the stage and interactively showed off his rhythm skills to the delight of the audience.

It was then time for the three houses to hit the stage. A positive start from last year’s winner, Reith, included a superb rendition of ‘I Will Survive’ sung by Gen and Albert. YMCA was a great choice for Big Song and the whole presentation was held together with a fun script and dramatic performances.

With the bar set high, Woodforde took to the stage with Alien costumes, space ships and a plethora of corny time travel jokes-all well received by the excited audience. Esme took to the stage, giving a heartfelt rendition of ‘Time after Time’ and the choice of ‘Time Warp’ as Big Song was genius.

Not to be outdone, Borrow soloists, Immie and Clara, confidently performed ‘You’re the One That I want’ before more exciting drama lead the whole house into ‘Dancing in the Street’. The standard was very high this year and Ash had a difficult task ahead of him. His final decision meant Woodforde triumphantly accepted the coveted trophy to adorn their shelf for this year.