Art at Gresham’s Prep School takes place in a light and vibrant environment, and aims to equip pupils with exciting opportunities to use their creativity and imagination through the use of a wide range of two and three dimensional materials and artistic experiences.

We were delighted to have been chosen as The Week’s best of the best Prep School for art and creativity in their Independent Schools Guide Spring/Summer 2021.

“The emphasis is on children throwing themselves into a range of creative activities and gaining an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts in the process.”


Pupils are given a double period of Art a week and can use the art room and its facilities at other times, including lunch times and during after school activities.

The Art Department provides Gresham’s Prep School pupils with a wide variety of opportunities to participate in creative activities that aim to stimulate and excite them and help them to a greater understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts. Pupils are encouraged to experiment, cultivate good craftsmanship, and communicate what they see, feel and think, by being guided through programmes of study which explore the Elements of Art – line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, form, shape and space. Throughout their time at the Prep School, pupils will work on a range of scales, make clay, papier mache and mod-roc sculptures, paint in watercolours, poster paints and acrylics, print, draw and fill sketchbooks to support their main pieces of artwork.

Practical work is set into context with art history, enabling pupils to explore ideas and meanings in the work of artists, learn about the diverse roles and functions of art in contemporary life and in different times and cultures, and to see their own work in relation to professional practitioners past and present.

Throughout the year, pupils celebrate their artistic success in constantly changing and immersive colourful displays of their work in the art room and around the school environment, and in an end of year Summer Exhibition. There are opportunities to enter competitions, work with visiting artists, and visit local exhibitions and galleries. For the gifted young artist, opportunities are available to work towards art scholarships at our Senior School and other Independent Senior Schools.