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Computers touch every aspect of our lives from the cars we drive to the games that we play and the way in which we handle information and communicate. The nature of Computing at Gresham’s Prep School is to enable pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to make effective use of technology, now and in the future.

As we are more reliant on technology in every aspect of our lives, for the jobs that do not even exist yet, it is vital that all our pupils are comfortable with the use and understanding of computers. Ensuring pupils gain confidence and capability using computers also enhances and extends their learning across the whole curriculum whether within the classroom or within their homes when online learning. 

With hands on computing, in each weekly lesson, lunchtime club or after school activity, we aim to instil resilience in our pupils. The joy on the face of a pupil who has successfully solved a problem, or fixed a bug, controlled a robotic arm or correctly coded their sprite, shows triumph and delight. Pupils are encouraged to use their own initiative, imagination, and reasoning and investigative skills. They are given opportunities to tinker, describe, illustrate, interpret, predict and explain when using technological language and conventions. Pupils learn to work independently and collaboratively, sharing ideas and developing their own.

Pupils appreciate the relevance of technology in our society, and they see it as an essential tool for learning, for communication, for finding information, and for controlling and understanding their environment.  Ensuring every pupils’ safety online is so very important. Pupils learn how to safely use the Internet to search and access information and are continually encouraged to make sensible choices and remain safe at all times when online. These key topics are taught through a progressive Online Safety curriculum which also include close collaboration with parents.

Engaging and enthusing pupils in computational thinking will allow them to be better equipped in all STEAM-based subjects. The knowledge and skills pupils learn at Gresham’s Prep School will help them make sense of, and contribute to, the society and world they live in.