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All pupils in the Prep School study Design and Technology as an academic subject. In the Junior years (Years 3-5), the emphasis is on learning practical skills and finding out how to go through the process of designing.

We build many exciting projects including land yachts, clocks, money-boxes, marble runs and many more. Pupils will learn how to use a range of tools and machinery in a safe environment, they will use a range of different materials and all the knowledge and practice builds an excellent foundation for moving up the school. 

In the Senior years (Year 6 to 8), all pupils are stretched in the subject. Often reacting to Design Briefs, there is far more emphasis on creating individual designs, along with experimentation of ideas. Pupils are primarily given either problem-solving exercises, such as Model Bridge building or skills-based projects which deliver targeted skills, such as use of electronics, use of our laser cutter / CAD software or perhaps dipping a toe into the world of Destruction testing! 

Year 7 are currently approaching the subject as ‘STEAM’, following a bespoke programme, pupils are blending the learning of Physics and Design Technology. With emphasis on being ‘Green’, pupils are covering key scientific topics, including energy, sound, forces and electronics. Projects currently being built include wind turbines, amplifiers, eco-houses and even a lesson leaping from the school’s high ropes tower to learn about energy transfers! Finally, pupils are completing work for the nationally recognised Bronze level CREST awards as part of their STEAM lessons.