In the English Department at the Prep School, we aim to enable pupils to further develop and nurture their skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening. Our creative, dynamic teaching encourages children to express themselves and foster a love of literature and language.

The English syllabus follows and exceeds the disciplines outlined in the National Curriculum and the National Literacy Strategy. We study a wide range of texts and authors, including Morpurgo, Dahl, Boyne, Haddon, Noyes, Heaney and Hughes to name a few. Pupils explore a diverse range of literature and non-fiction/media stimuli encouraging freedom of expression and the importance of cultural heritage.

The English Department has the following goals:

  • To improve technical skills in writing.
  • To stimulate and encourage a clarity of expression in all areas of written and oral work and to develop creative writing in all its genres.
  • To foster and develop interest in prose, non-fiction and drama.
  • To introduce and encourage a wide variety of reading through a structured reading programme in our Junior years as well as encouraging personal reading habits.
  • To develop pupils’ ability to analyse text
  • To develop pupils’ appreciation of our literary heritage by introducing them to the work of Shakespeare and giving them the opportunity to study his plays in a variety of kinaesthetic ways.
  • To develop pupils’ range of skills to enable them to be successful and reach their potential in assessments, Entrance Examinations and Scholarships.

We are fortunate to have an excellent library on site and younger pupils have library sessions to foster an early passion for reading. Timetabled reading sessions provide valuable opportunities for our pupils to read independently and develop a life-long love of literature.

Regular visits from authors and inspirational speakers ignite the pupils’ interest in new genres and enable them to delve deeper into the world of literature and language. Pupils are encouraged to enter national writing competitions, to take part in poetry recital evenings and we regularly take part in the BBC Schools Report.