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Situated in a glorious part of Britain, the Geography department fully incorporates the opportunities to study the physical and human geography of Norfolk.

Field trips are an essential part of the curriculum and pupils enjoy fossil hunting in the chalk beds of the coastline, investigating coastal processes and how erosion is managed, learning how the Broads National Park is used and they study the impact of tourism on the Norfolk economy. 

Showing curiosity and interest about the world around us is considered a vital skill in any geographer. The curriculum has been designed to develop skills such as OS map reading and data analysis whilst learning about the processes that shape the world and the societies and cultures in it.

The department tackles topical issues pro-actively as pupils are encouraged to consider how their actions affect the planet and what solutions they can offer to the challenges that the world currently faces both from physical and human activity. They study the impact of climate change, the exploitation of natural resources and the pressure that population growth brings. We aim to encourage our pupils to become responsible users and custodians of the planet’s resources.