The approach taken to History at the Prep School is one that combines the love of inquiry with building knowledge and skills.

Each year group is taken on a trip to consolidate classroom learning and to promote a lifelong interest in finding out about the history that surrounds us and being able to connect it to the wider world. Visiting speakers and workshops enable pupils to enjoy hands-on experiences that inspire them to seek out further opportunities to broaden their knowledge.

In Years 3-6, a chronological approach from the Vikings to the Victorians is taken to give pupils an overview of the events that have shaped Britain and the wider world. A depth study of the medieval world is the focus for Year 7 and finally, in Year 8, a thematic study of the causes of conflict and their consequences encourages a rigorous and academic approach to linking ideas and events together.

As the modern world offers new and exciting challenges, pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, to query what they may read or hear on various media platforms and to debate with others in a civilized manner. Understanding the key events in history helps pupils to understand the experiences and views that shape people and gives them greater empathy; a key quality that we seek to instil in all Gresham’s Prep pupils.