From discussions of climate change, the latest ideas around stem cells, to the prospect of having holidays on the Moon, Science has never been more topical and relevant to our everyday lives.

At Gresham’s we believe that Science is a method of questioning, exploring and understanding about how and why the Earth and Universe works. We aim to capture the imaginations and spark the enthusiasm of our pupils in order to develop the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.

The Gresham’s Science curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, although it extends beyond this as children are prepared for 13+ Entrance Exams and Scholarship. There is an emphasis on learning through investigation and experimentation and, with this, the scientific method and skills such as observation, data-handling and evaluation are developed.

The Department is served by experienced, specialist Science teachers with a technician. Based in its own suite of two fully equipped laboratories, a preparation room and staff work room, the team works collaboratively and actively to develop teaching and resources. In addition, we have a new STEAM workshop to allow for the teaching of Engineering in Year 7.

During the junior years (Year 3 – Year 6), Science is taught in topics with the majority of lessons take place in one of the laboratories. This allows for the introduction of independent discovery and practical work from an early stage.

In Year 7, pupils are taught Chemistry and Biology in the laboratories by specialist teachers in streamed sets. Engineering is introduced and taught in the new STEAM facility and includes the relevant Physics topics, whilst also allowing for cross-curricular teaching with Design and Technology. There is an emphasis on project-based, practical learning with regular end of topic tests to assess understanding of the underlying theory.

In Year 8, the pupils are taught Chemistry, Biology and Physics separately in the laboratories by teachers specialising in the relevant Science. Regular end of topic tests continue, with the year culminating in a final exam.

There are plenty of opportunities for our Science enthusiasts to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Children are given the chance to go on a number of educational visits and we also make the most of our wonderful space and facilities for outside learning. In addition, there is an after-school STEAM club, regular Science activities at our Senior School, the inter-house Science Challenge and the opportunity to take part in external Science competitions.