Pupils celebrated Women’s History Month

Gresham’s pupils celebrated Women’s History Month in a variety of ways: by learning about the history of International Women’s Day (Clara Zetkin, communist activist and advocate for women’s rights, founded International Women’s Day in 1910); by photographing themselves “Embracing Equity”, having learned about the difference between equality and equity; by watching films in house which celebrated women’s achievements or told stories of the lives of women, fictional or real (Queens’ girls’ choice was “Little Women”). 

On 8th March, pupils were invited to wear something purple, the colour most associated with International Women’s Day, to show their support for women around the world, and at lunchtime, celebrated with purple cakes. Assemblies included Anton L sharing the story of his extraordinary multi-lingual grandmother, and Cerys D, Teagan G and Will B telling us about why Women’s History Month is so important. Their message was: “Forging gender equity isn’t limited to women…allies are incredibly important for the social, economic, cultural and political advancement of women.

Rev Jack encapsulated our thoughts and hopes with this prayer, which he read in chapel on International Women’s Day:

“On this International Women’s Day,
as we celebrate and give thanks for the achievements of women,
we remember the women who have played a part in our lives.
Those who have nurtured us, taught us, inspired us, loved us.

On this International Women’s Day, as we acknowledge the challenges women still face, we pray that all women may know equality of healthcare, of education, of wealth, of prospects.

We pray that all women may know themselves to be respected, safe, included, empowered.