Pupils participated in many CCF and Services activities during the October Field Days

army section

There was a wide range of activities for our CCF Army Section cadets over the recent field days. Junior cadets went to the Muckleburgh training area and followed a circuit of activities to develop basic fieldcraft skills, including camouflage, navigation, patrolling & first aid. They also spent half a day on-site on a specially constructed outdoor air rifle range and doing a paintball activity to practise fire and movement.

Senior cadets conducted an overnight field patrol exercise designed to enhance their skills of shelter construction, night navigation and tactical manoeuvres as a platoon. Some also conducted advanced fieldcraft training, firing at a more complex target on the air rifle range and carrying out building assault tactics using the paintball weapons in a purpose-built compound in the school woods.

raf section

On Thursday the RAF section took to a day of activities on school grounds. During the morning, Year 10 completed their basic radio training with Flt Lt Matt Williams and learnt some basic field living skills such as how to cook in the field, while Year 12 were completing leadership activities, led by Sgt Nik P, Sgt Erik T and Sgt Karl T. After a ration pack lunch, the Sixth Form took part in a ‘downed pilot’ rescue mission involving cadets finding clues to rescue the pilot, a role excellently played by Sgt Harry P, while avoiding the other cadets.

Year 10 ended the day with basha building in the woods to see who could create the driest shelter and in the evening, cadets in Year 12 and Year 13 were invited to an RAF Section BBQ outside the HQ, a great opportunity to develop a strong team bond.

On Friday, Years 12 and 13 took part in the ‘ultimate warrior challenge’ where cadets were tested on a variety of military exercises individually. These included basha building, searching tasks and ambush procedures. During this time Year 11 were completing leadership activities in the woods under the watchful eye of Corporal Ella J and Corporal Joe H. The day concluded with all cadets designing and building solid fuel rockets which they later launched out on the school fields, reaching an altitude of around 1000 feet. Whilst many rockets lost parts during the ascent due to some dodgy gluing efforts, they all came parachuting back down to earth with some landing on the playing fields and some in the woods. 


Pupils were also involved in many difference Services activities:

Working on the Lowes
And a 5 hour hike from Holt via Kelling Heath, Weybourne and back to Gresham’s